Change of Process Technology

Six major reasons for need to make process changes are listed below:
  • Maintain process continuity
  • Compensation for equipment unavailability
  • Startup or eng-of-run shutdown
  • Experimentation
  • Change in production rate
  • New equipment
A management system for process changes should incorporate planning for each of these situations, and should consider the unique circumstances of each. During normal operation, it is the prime responsibility of the operating personnel to maintain smooth operation. In traditional plants, it is not unusual for a process operator to make numerous changes per shift to maintain optimum operating conditions. Some process parameters may be varied over a wide range and still remain within safe operating limits, while others may require tight control. Establishing safe operating limits is a means of controlling the process operator’s activities ad should be implemented by incorporating them in the operating manual or procedures. In computer controlled plants, much of this activity is performed by the computer system. However, operators still must monitor operations and respond to alarms. In emergency situations, where there is no time for review and approval, the established procedure should be to shut down rather than operate outside of established safe operating limits.
Reference: CCPS(1989) Guidelines for Technical Management of Chemical Process Safety

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