Demolition Procedures

Once a piece of equipment is no longer required, appropriate means of isolating and ultimately removing the equipment should be developed. Frequently, a piece of equipment is removed from service for a prolonged period of time prior to demolition. When this occurs, appropriate reviews through process change procedures should be performed. If the equipment is definitely no longer needed or usable, it should be scheduled for demolition. Prior to demolition, the equipment must first be isolated from any active equipment in such a way as to minimize piping deadlegs subjected to process pressure. The equipment should be marked in a manner that leaves no question that it is no longer to be used. In such cases, elements of the work request, work permit, and safe work practices should be followed as appropriate.
Decontamination procedures should be developed with consideration for the hazards involved, and these procedures should be thoroughly reviewed. The procedure should address both the decontamination of equipment to be demolished and the related waste disposal issues.

Reference: CCPS(1989) Guidelines for Technical Management of Chemical Process Safety

Management/Mechanical Integrity/Maintenance Procedures