DyPASI database extraction

“DyPASI is a method for the continuous systematization of information from early signals of risk related to past events. It dynamically integrates in the bow-ties the results of information retrieval activities. DyPASI features as a tool to support emerging risk management process, having the potentiality to contribute to an integrated approach aimed at breaking “vicious circles”, helping to trigger a gradual process of identification and assimilation of previously unrecognized atypical scenarios”

Reference: DyPASI Methodology: from Information Retrieval to Integration of HAZID Process. Nicola Paltrinieri, Alessandro Tugnoli, Jonathan Buston, Mike Wardam, Valerio Cozzani. Chemical Engineering Transactions, vol. 32, 2013.

Note: DyPASI uses a similarity algorithm that when provided with a number of keywords and entered in an accident database will extract relevant cases.

Technical Tools/Risk Assessment/Quantitative Risk Assessment/Frequency Techniques