Explosion Suppression

‘Explosion Suppression is usually achieved by a fast fire extinguishing system that detects the very early stages of an explosion (e.g. by detecting an increase in pressure or IR radiation)  within a protected plant and then mitigates the flame/pressure damage to an acceptable level.’

Reference: Adapted from ATEX. (2015). ATEX Explosion Hazards. Retrieved August 10, 2015, from http://www.explosionhazards.co.uk/uk-ireland-hot-water-explosion-suppression-system-dry-chemical-powder/


‘Detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages-before an explosion can cause a disaster or become catastrophic.’

Reference: Fike. (2015). Explosion Suppression. Retrieved from http://www.fike.com/solutions/explosion-protection/explosion-mitigation/explosion-suppression/