External Fire and Rescue Service

“Fire and Rescue Service is required to regularly operate in dangerous, difficult and challenging environments; such emergency incidents often require firefighters and their operational managers to have to adapt their approach and bring into play their specialist training, experience and supervision skills.”

Reference: Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Fire and Rescue Service Health and Safety Arrangements Part 3 https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/sites/default/files/folders/documents/fireandpublicsafety/ofrs/OFRSHSPart3.pdf

Emergency plant planning needs to assess the potential use of an own fire brigade or the reliance on external emergency resources.If the latter is chosen, specific periodic training / drills should be conducted, clear roles & responsibilities, and guidance as to under what circumstance they are to be used.To that end, a scenario analysis of a potential event shall be performed much like a LOPA exercise.Larger sites will have an own fire brigade which for the more serious cases will cooperate and assist external resources.