Operator Reliability Experiments/Human Cognitive Reliability

The human cognitive reliability (HRC) model was developed for quantification of crew success (or failure) probability as a function of time and allowing for various types of human behaviors that can result in significantly different probabilities. The model also allowed for certain selected performance-shaping factors (PSF) that can influence the crew response times. The model was designed to be relatively simple to use, capable of generating insights into crew behavior, compatible with other HRA methods and finally, being able to produce similar estimates when used by different analysts.
Reference: Hannaman, G. W., Spurgin, A. J. & Lukic, Y. D., Human Cognitive Reliability Model for PRA Analysis (EPRI RP 2170-3). Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA, USA, 1984
Technical Tools/Human Factors and Errors/Human Reliability Analysis/Time Related