Pre-startup Review

PSSR is a formal review of a manufacturing process to verify that critical areas of the affected process have been assessed and addressed prior to using the process. Using the process could include: commissioning, introducing hazardous chemicals, or introducing energy.
There are eight basic steps to be considered for every type of pre-startup safety review program. Each facility can choose the best way to achieve their method of accomplishing the end goals of these steps. Those end goals may be – • higher levels of process safety performance, • better environmental risk management performance, and • total manufacturing quality enhancements. Consider how the steps offered below and the description.
Step 1 – Train the entire workforce on PSSR as related to their PSSR duties
Step 2 – Identify trigger events and determine if PSSR is to be performed
Step 3 – Determine the type of PSSR to performing – Simple/Short Form or Complex/Long Form.
Step 4 – Build the PSSR team.
Step 5 – Conduct the PSSR.
Step 6 – Complete the PSSR Documentation.
Step 7 – Track any post-startup PSSR action items.
Step 8 – Seek continuous improvement in your PSSR program.
Reference: 1. B. Peachey, R. Evitts and G. Hill, Project Management for Chemical Engineers , Education for Chemical Engineers, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2007, Pages 14-19; 2. Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-startup Safety Review

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