Records Management

Documentation of a training program can be important for several reasons. In some cases, various regulatory requirements regarding training may apply. However, the most important reason for documentation is to control the program. Documentation facilitates verification of who has been trained and in some cases, how effective that training has been. In addition, documentation is the key to obtaining and analyzing the feedback that comes from measuring performance.
Documentation of a training program can be split into five distinct areas:
    1. Information related to conducting the training
    2. Information showing on-the-job performance
    3. Information about external factors
    4. Identified deficiencies in training objectives
    5. Recommendations for revision and follow-up on their implementation
    With regard to the actual instruction process, the following information should be maintained:
      1. Who was instructed
      2. What training were they given
      3. Who was the instructor
      4. When did the training take place
      5. What standards were met
      6. What regulations if any were satisfied
      7. How did the student perform before and after training
      8. When is the student to receive retraining
      This information should be compiled by the instruction and retained by a single responsible person at the facility.

      Reference: CCPS(1989) Guidelines for Technical Management of Chemical Process Safety
      Management/Training and Performance