Safe Work Practices

OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard requires employers to develop and implement safe work practices to control hazards during operations such as lockout/tagout, confined space entry, opening process equipment or piping, and entrance into a facility by maintenance, contractor, laboratory or other support personnel. Safe work practices often apply to hazardous work. For example, a permit is required for hot work by the PSM standard. The use of permits is governed by a set of procedures, called a permit-to-work system. OSHA regulations exist for other types of hazardous work such as confined space entry and lockout/tagout.
Many accidents have occurred during the performance of hazardous work. Worker fatalities and injuries have occurred when confined spaces containing unsafe atmospheres were entered, piping containing hazardous chemicals was opened, and work was performed on equipment while still energized. Such accidents can often be attributed to human factors issues.
Management/Operational Integrity